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Fire Department



 Chief - Bruce Morris

 Assistant Chief  - Todd Schmidtke

 Training Officer - Matt Rossow

 Secretary - Kyle Morris


Kyle Morris

Marlon Quiggle

Mike O'Rourke

Ryan Culhane

Board of Directors

Bruce Morris

Tim Boese

Matt Rossow

Steve Nordmeier

Todd Schmidtke

Mission Statement

Our Commitment is To Public Safety,

Achieved Through Developing, Promoting

And Maintaining a Comprehensive Network

Of Fire Prevention, Fire Suppression, And

Other Special Rescue Services.


Through Education, Training, and Communications

We Will Continue To Provide Quality Services.


Department Photograph

Front row L-R:  Marlon Quiggle, Joe Caldwell, Randy Splett, Nicole Brockmiller, Jackie Saemrow, Bruce Morris, Matt Rossow, Mike Ahlman, Randy Meschke, John Chmelik, Tim Boese,

Steve Nordmeier.  

Back row L-R:  Kyle Morris, Adam Uittenbogaard, Leon Gregor,  Mike O'rourke, Austin Schulz. Terry Meschke, Ryan Culhane, Tim Minske, Todd Schmidtke, Kyle Green

Become a Volunteer Firefighter

Millions of kids dream of becoming a firefighter when they grow up. If you still have dreams of fighting fires and protecting your community, becoming a volunteer firefighter might be the right path for you.  Becoming a volunteer firefighter requires extensive training, hard work and dedication to the community. Smaller communities, towns and cities rely on volunteer firefighters to respond quickly to emergencies, to perform firefighting duties and to provide assistance and support to career firefighters. The chance to aid and serve the community is an extremely rewarding experience.

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