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Xcel Energy provides electricity. For customer service call 1-800-672-4300.


CenterPoint provides Natural Gas. For customer service call 1-800-245-2377.


Water is provided by the City of Morristown. For customer service call (507) 685-2302.


Garbage service is provided by the City of Morristown. For customer service call (507) 685-2302. The current hauler is Archambault Brothers Disposal. For information on large item pick up or special pick up call customer service call (507) 334-8910.

City Government

Council and Mayor

The Mayor and the City Council members are elected leaders. The Council members are elected to four-year terms with two members elected in November of even number years. The Mayor is elected every two years.

City Council Meetings

City Council meetings are held on the first Monday of each month. The agenda is posted in the Post Office and in the Council Chambers at 402 Division Street South on the Thursday before the meeting. The council minutes are posted at the Post Office and on the Morristown web site: www.ci.morristown.mn.us

Voting Registration

You may register to vote up to twenty (20) days before an election at the City Clerk's office or at the Rice County Administration Building, 218 N.W. 3rd Street, Faribault. In order to qualify to register you must be:
• At least 18 years old on election day;
• A citizen of the United States;
• Will have resided in Minnesota for 20 days immediately preceding election day;
• Have a valid Minnesota driver's license, a MN identification card or have a registered voter who will vouch for you.

Absentee Ballots

Absentee ballots can be obtained before election day by contacting the Rice County Auditor. The telephone number is (507) 332-6104.


Elections are held the Tuesday after the first Monday in November of even number years. Elections are held at the Community Center, 402 Division Street South.

Morristown Fire/ Rescue Department

506 Division Street S.

Emergency dial 911

Twenty-three volunteer fire fighters staff the Morristown Fire/Rescue Department.

Outdoor Warning Sirens

Outdoor warning sirens are used for national weather service warnings as well as for other emergencies. Residents are urged to seek shelter when they hear the sirens and turn on the radio for emergency information. The outdoor sirens will also be used for other emergencies such as a hazardous chemical spill that requires residents to evacuate their homes. The sirens are tested for several minutes on the first Wednesday of each month at 1:00 p.m.

Police Protection

Emergency Call 911. Non-emergency calls the Rice County Sheriffs Office (507) 332-6010. The Morristown Police Protection provides protection for the citizens of Morristown. The police department will check residents' homes during residents' vacations if requested.

Ambulance Service

North Ambulance is the ambulance and nearest hospitals are Faribault, Owatonna and Waseca.

Park Regulations


We encourage residents to use the city park for picnics and family fun. There are a few regulations which must be followed to ensure the safety of all those who use the park.

They are:

• No person or persons shall consume intoxication liquor, nonintoxicating malt beverage in or on any bridge, catwalk, or historical building.

• You cannot have in possession any container larger than 32 ounces containing intoxicating or non-intoxicating malt liquor without a permit. A special permit for keg beer may be applied for at least one week in advance with the City Clerk or his/her designee.

• It is unlawful to clean fish except in designated areas.

• Fires are permitted only in the fireplaces or fire rings provided for that purpose.

• All pets must be kept on a leash.

• No glass beverage containers are allowed.


Boulevards belong to the city but the care and removal of the trees are the responsibility of the property owners.

Public Utilities


Xcel Energy provides electricity. For customer service call 1-800-672-4300.


CenterPoint provides Natural Gas. For customer service call 1-800-245-2377.


Water is provided by the City of Morristown, phone (507) 685-2302. All water used in the distribution system is well water, not from rivers or lakes. The water is pumped from the Jordan Aquifers located under our community. After the water is pumped from the city well, it is stored for distribution in an above ground storage reservoir that has a capacity of 80,000 gallons. The water operator flushes water mains the second Tuesday of each month from April through November. This helps to remove iron deposits from mains and decreases the chance of problems with rusty-colored water or stained clothes. It is better not to wash clothes during these times since flushing can cause water to turn rusty in the middle of the cycle.

The City uses cellular endpoints, which communicates with the encoder and captures 15-minute interval read data and meter status information. The endpoint then automatically broadcasts the information, including endpoint status information, via the cellular network to BEACON. 

Water fees pay the operating, maintenance and some of the capital cost of this city owned service.

Water is billed by the 10th of each month. A second meter may be purchased for outdoor watering purposes. The meter would just measure water used for outside gardening, filling of wading pools and running sprinklers which is water that does not enter the city's wastewater treatment system. There is no charge for wastewater on the second meter. A charge will be billed on a monthly basis for the second meter.

Waste Water Service

Sanitary sewer rates are based on water usage. Wastewater is billed monthly on the water statement.

Sump Pump & Sanitary Sewer Connections

Sump pumps, foundation drains or other sources of surface or ground water cannot be connected to the Sanitary Sewer system. Wastewater is billed monthly on the water statement.

Sanitation Services


A private hauler who is licensed to do business in the city provides garbage service. The current hauler is Archambault Brothers Disposal (507) 334-8910. Collection is Friday morning and includes three 30-gallon cans or bags to be placed on the streets boulevard by 7:30 a.m. Garbage is  billed by the City of Morristown with the water and wastewater statement.


Materials accepted for recycling include dry newspaper, aluminum cans, glass containers and # 1 and #2 plastic containers. All containers must be rinsed clean with caps removed. It is not necessary to remove labels. All residents receive recycling bin that is picked up bi-weekly. To ensure pickup, the bins should be on the boulevard by 7:30 a.m. on Friday.


The Morristown yard waste compost site is located one and one-half miles east of Morristown. Take County Road 15, turn on Hamel Trail. The City Council leases land to accept grass, leaves and tree trimming, No other items are allowed. The city requests that residents do not blow their lawn clippings into the street or sidewalk because they can plug the storm sewer lines.

Other Regulations


The State of Minnesota requires that all persons call Gopher State One Call before digging on public or private property at least 48 hours before digging. The number is 1-800-252-1166.


Streets and alleys are usually plowed within six hours after snowfall. Residents are encouraged to move their vehicle off the streets during times when plowing is required. Vehicles cannot be parked on Rice County Highways numbered 15, 16 and 44 within the City limits between the hours of 4:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. from November 1 through April 30 as they are designated as snow emergency routes.


The owner or occupant of any property adjacent to a public sidewalk must remove the snow and ice within twenty-four hours after a snowfall or freezing rain. Residents are reminded that snow should not be thrown into a street. Residents are encouraged to adopt a fire hydrant and remove the snow around it.


The City of Morristown has adopted a Zoning Ordinance that creates various zoning districts. Within these districts the ordinance regulates the placement, spacing and size of buildings and the uses permitted in a specific zone. All property in Morristown has been placed in a specific zone and is subject to these various regulations. If you have any questions regarding zoning regulations including specific issues such as a building setback, on-site parking, fences, businesses conducted out of a home and permitted uses in a particular zone. A zoning permit is required before you start building.

It is not necessary to get a permit for:

• Inside remodeling

• Building a dog house or playhouse

• Gazebos

• Trellises

• Hot tubs

• Swing sets

• Arbors

• Inflatable swimming pools


City ordinance forbids open burning except at times designated by the City Council. Usually the Council allows burning of leaves and garden refuse during the spring and fall. All other material is prohibited from being burned. If open burning is allowed, the dates will be announced on cable television Channel 22.

Recreational fires are allowed without a permit; however, such fires must not be larger then three feet in diameter and must be contained in a fireplace, fire ring, charcoal grill, portable gas or liquid fuel camp stove, or other similar container.


Children under 15 years of age cannot be on or present in any public street, park, or other public place, places of amusement and entertainment, vacant lots or other unsupervised places in the city between the hours of 10:30 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. For children aged 15, 16 or 17, the curfew hours are from 12:00 Midnight to 5:00 a.m.


All dogs over four months of age must be licensed. License may be obtained from the City Clerk. Every application shall be accompanied by a certificate from a qualified veterinary certified pet clinic that such dog has been vaccinated against rabies and distemper. All licenses expire April 30 and must be renewed annually prior to the expiration date. The City Council sponsors a Dog Immunization Clinic in April.

Dogs are prohibited from running at large. Dogs found running loose may be picked up by the police or animal control officer and taken to the dog pound in Faribault. Fines are charged for all dogs impounded. It is the responsibility of the owner to remove droppings from the public streets, alleys, sidewalks and public parks. Prolonged, habitual barking is declared to be a public nuisance and is prohibited.


No person shall fire or discharge any cannon, gun, pistol, air gun, B-B gun, or firearm of any description or bow including crossbow, hunting bow, compound bow, or any other type or description of bow having a drawing or pull twenty pounds or more within the city limits without first receiving written permission from the mayor and police chief to do so.


A vehicle cannot remain parked for more than 36 hours on a street or alley.


No inoperable or unlicensed vehicle may be stored outside a building in any residential district.


Snowmobiles may not be operated between the hours of 1:00 a.m. and sunrise unless they are coming into, passing through or leaving the city. Such operation may be only on the most direct route using the marked trail or designated city streets. The maximum speed is 15 miles per hour.


Bicycles, skateboards, roller skates or roller blades are not allowed to be ridden upon a sidewalk with in the business district. Persons must yield the right of way to pedestrians and shall give audible signal before overtaking and passing such pedestrians.


There are a variety of clubs and organizations available in Morristown. They are:

• American Legion Post 149

• Commercial Club

• Girl Scouts of America

• Gun Club

• Historical Society

• Senior Citizens


Morristown is served by Independent School District 2143.

Community Activities


Held the first weekend after Memorial Day.


Held the first Saturday in August.

Community Center Coffee Club

Kids Halloween Event

Christmas Drawing

Polar Plunge

National Night Out

Corn Feed

Hog Roast (Father's Day Weekend)

Movie Nights at the Community Center

Historic Mill Exhibit Grinding (Dam Days)